The Fresh Air Club is the first and only air filter recycling subscription service available

Why should I recycle my air filters?

The Fresh Air Club believes in doing the right thing for the earth and for everyone on it. We always have. Perhaps it’s because our commitment is not a “slogan” or an “initiative”. It’s simply a part of who we are as individuals.

How Far Can We Go By Recycling Our Air Filters?
There are approximately 300 million residential air filters thrown into local landfills EVERY YEAR, according to industry experts. If the average air filter is 18 X 20 X 1 and you laid those 300 million air filters end to end on the ground, they would stretch out approximately 100,000 miles! That would circle the earth at the equator just over 4 TIMES!!!

  Air filter recycling by the Fresh Air Club  
Recycle your dirty air filters in an environmentally responsible manner using our pre-paid shipping for return to our recycling center. That means a 0% Local Landfill Impact!

What if every neighbor was a Member of the Fresh Air Club?
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