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Home Air Filters by The Fresh Air Club

It’s Essential. It’s Easy. It’s Eco-Friendly!

When is the last time you thought about your air filters…much less changed it? Our unique home air filter delivery and recycling service is a convenient way to remember to change your home air filters on a regular schedule to maintain healthy indoor air quality!

When you sign-up as a Member of The Fresh Air Club, you will choose a plan for your home air filter delivery - every 30, 60, or 90 days - for a full year. When the air conditioner filters for your house arrive at your door, simply replace the dirty air filters with the new ones we send you. It's that simple.

We also offer our exclusive air filter recycling service for each home air filter delivered. This service is optional for members who want to keep dirty air filters out of their local landfill. Just use the pre-paid shipping to return your dirty home air filters to our Recycling Center.  Air conditioner filter recycling has never been easier! Isn't it time you joined the Club?


Air Filter Replacement Can Really Save!

SAVE up to 15% on your electricity every month!

The Department of Energy estimates you will save 10-15% on you electricity bill by changing your air conditioner air filters on schedule. In the typical home, air conditioning uses more electricity than anything else. On average, it is estimated that heating and cooling systems account for 44% of your total monthly energy bill. A dirty air conditioning air filter makes your AC system work harder, which uses more electricity.

Change Your Home Air Filter and Save!

Your air conditioning system will love us.

PREVENT costly repairs or even replacement of your heating and cooling system!

The leading manufacturers' of heating and cooling systems for residential homes requires the changing of the air filter for the home every 2-3 months to ensure proper working order of the system. This reduces the “strain” on system components such as the fan and compressor, both of which are impacted by poor airflow caused by a clogged air filter or dirty furnace filter. They are also the leading cause of repair services for heating and cooling systems. The national average for repairing a central air system is about $368 and the average replacement cost could be well over $2,000 according to an Appliance and Service Study by Decision Analyst (2008). Having your home air filters delivered by the Fresh Air Club is less expensive than buying air filters for home at the store, and saves you money in the long run!

Home Air Conditioner Filters Protect Your Health!

The air filters for home arrive on time and on schedule.

PROTECT your family from potential health risks including airborne illnesses, pollutants, and contaminates that are circulating in your home’s air!

If you don’t change your air filters at least every 90 days, the air quality in your home will become worse than the air outside! If you have pets or smoke, you should change your home air filter even more frequently to reduce increased exposure to health hazards. By changing the air filter for your home on a regular schedule, you lower the airborne risks inside your home and reduce potential health care costs for both your family and your pets. That is why the Fresh Air Club delivers only premium, pleated MERV11-rated replacement air filters direct to your door.

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